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Dramatic story of Larisa's life. A simple working woman who has never seen happiness, the husband constantly drinks, every day turns into a true nightmare. Standing on the threshold of her own house, she has no desire to enter it. The only salvation is a little daughter, who became a ray of sunshine in this nightmarish and dark world. But even here everything is not perfect, because of the persistent maladies of the baby, the mother can not restrain herself in any work, she always has to stay at home, because she can not even leave the baby. Her husband began drinking more and more often, things started to disappear from the house. During another drunken scandal, a neighbor decides to intervene. She decides to introduce Larissa to her cohabitants, the married couple Marina and Roman. A couple of shuttles sincerely sympathized with the woman, having taken her story to heart, invite her to go with them to their seaside town where they can provide her with work. Then it seemed like salvation, nothing else was needed, just to escape from this hell. But what started so sweetly ended very sadly. The couple takes away Larissa's passport, and sells it together with the child in slavery for debts. Now the main character with the child in her arms is forced to wander around the city and beg. Everyone knows about such a business, so there is nowhere to wait for help. But at some point, fate decides to change everything. Evil can not be unpunished, sooner or later punishment will come and then you should not ask for forgiveness. On the way of Larissa there is an assistant, as if sent by God, who helps her to get a ticket to a new happy life.

Расплата - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2018-01-20

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Tatyana Semyonovna Barysheva (Russian: Татья́на Семёновна Ба́рышева) (31 December 1896 - 10 February 1979) was a Soviet stage and film actress.

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1925 — Moroka (Морока) — peasant girl 1926 — Wings of the Slave (Крылья холопа) — hay girl 1926 — The Reckoning (Расплата) — NEP woman 1927 — Bulat-Batır (Булат-батыр) — the genius of victory 1928 — The Captain's Daughter (Капитанская дочка) — deaconess 1930 — The State Official (Государственный чиновник) — nun 1932 — The High Life (Изящная жизнь) — prostitute 1932 — The Master of the World (Властелин мира) — sentry 1932 — Wings (Крылья) — masseuse 1933 — The Black Barracks (Чёрный барак) — barrack commandant's wife 1933 — Conveyor of Death (Конвейер смерти) — bit part 1933 — One Joy (Одна радость) — philistine 1934 — Petersburg Night (Петербургская ночь) — provincial actress 1934 — The Private Life of Peter Vinograd (Частная жизнь Петра Виноградова) — Senya's mother 1935 — Ball and Heart (Мяч и сердце) - head of children's home 1936 — Chudesnitsa (Чудесница) — milkmaid 1936 — Paris Dawn (Зори Парижа) — bit part 1939 — Vasilisa the Beautiful (Василиса Прекрасная) — Melanya's mother 1939 — Sorochinskaya Fair (Сорочинская ярмарка) — Kuma 1939 — The Foundling (Подкидыш) — dentist 1939 — Night in September (Ночь в сентябре) — Sokolov's wife 1941 — Four Hearts (Сердца четырёх) — Assistant professor Yershova 1941 — The Pig and the Shepherd (Свинарка и пастух) — kolkhoz worker 1941 — The Artamanov Case (Дело Артамоновых) — Barsky's wife 1944 — Six P.M. (В 6 часов вечера после войны) — resident of house number 5 1944 — Girl No. 217 (Человек № 217) — Frau Krauss 1945 — Twins (Близнецы) — orphanage director 1946 — Son of the Regiment (Cын полка) — doctor 1947 — Ballad of Siberia (Сказание о земле Сибирской) — tea party guest 1947 — New House (Новый дом) — Vishnyak's wife 1948 — First-Grade Girl (Первоклассница) — Marisya's grandmother 1949 — The Train Goes East (Поезд идёт на восток) — Claudia Semyonova 1949 — Konstantin Zaslonov (Константин Заслонов) — woman 1950 — Generous Summer (Щедрое лето) — Antonovich's wife 1950 — Zhukovsky (Жуковский) — Arina 1955 — Blue Bird (Синяя птичка) — aunt Nyusya 1955 — The White Poodle (Белый пудель) — nanny 1956 — A Child was Born (Человек родился) — nurse 1963 — Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (Королевство Кривых Зеркал) — Grandmother Oli 1964 — Jack Frost (Морозко) — matchmaker 1964 — Welcome, or No Trespassing (Добро пожаловать, или Посторонним вход воспрещён) — cook 1968 — Fire, Water, and Brass Pipes (Огонь, вода и… медные трубы) — nurse

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