Derren Brown: The Specials - Netflix

In these special shows, psychological illusionist Derren Brown demonstrates his unique and almost uncanny ability to misdirect, manipulate and mesmerise.

Derren Brown: The Specials - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2003-10-05

Derren Brown: The Specials - Derren Brown: The Events - Netflix

Derren Brown: The Events was a Channel 4 television series featuring the illusionist Derren Brown. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, this series is made up of four one-hour specials, during which Brown attempted what he had described as “some of the most incredible feats to date”. The series consisted of a mixture of pre-recorded location pieces connected by theatre-based segments, with each of the four programmes building up to a major stunt performance. The first trailer broadcast included Brown speaking in reverse but walking forwards with events around him happening forwards. Seemingly cryptic messages were also hidden in the advert such as links to a “Manchester United” website. The advert was later played forwards (although now with Brown moving in reverse), and revealed the premise of the shows. Brown explains that in his new series he will be revealing the “inner workings” of his tricks and “showing you how to get away with it”.

Derren Brown: The Specials - Event 4: How to Take Down a Casino - Netflix

On 2 October, Brown attempted to beat the odds at roulette by calculating the winning number based on the speed and trajectory of the ball and wheel. Using £5,000 of a member of the public's money, which he acquired by hypnotising them in the street, Brown aimed to win £175,000 for them. Filming with hidden cameras at a secret location in mainland Europe, Brown in fact made an incorrect prediction, betting on black 8 while the winning number was the adjacent red 30. The show ended on this anticlimax, with the accomplice informed that he would be repaid the £5,000. A stage hand was visible at the end of the show waiting with a large cheque worth £180,000, the amount the accomplice would have received if Brown's prediction had been accurate. Brown said on his blog hours later that he was “still reeling from tonight's escapade”, and in a self-deprecating YouTube video the next week (delivered as an impersonation of Stewie Griffin), Brown remarked that he had “fucked it up” and called it an “epic fail”.

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