Gear Heads - Netflix

Meet the Gear Heads, Nick Field and Rick Ford. Together, they own and operate Fastlane out of Houston, TX. Fastlane isn't your typical performance shop. Everyday is a new challenge for Nick and Rick as they push the envelope in performance racing. In this 5 episode series, the Gear Heads strive to accomplish one goal, maximum horsepower. Featured in the series are top fuel pilots, Clay Millican and JR Todd. Clay is a 6 time IHRA Top Fuel Champion. Other featured characters include Monte Smith of NOS fame. While the show's main focus is to highlight performance and results, it's also entertaining, endearing and funny.

Gear Heads - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-07

Gear Heads - Tripod head - Netflix

A tripod head is the part of a tripod system that attaches the supported device (such as a camera) to the tripod legs, and allows the orientation of the device to be manipulated or locked down. Modular or stand-alone tripod heads can be used on a wide range of tripods, allowing the user to choose which type of head best suits their needs. Integrated heads are built directly onto the tripod legs, reducing the cost of the tripod system. The main function of any tripod head is to provide the ability to hold the attached device fixed in a specific orientation until the user needs to change its position. In the case of a photographic camera, this can help reduce vibration that would appear when using relatively slow shutter speeds while still being able to quickly recompose for another shot, or allow for very long exposures. In cinematography or video applications, a tripod head allows the camera operator to pan and tilt with much more control when compared to hand-holding the camera. The various types of tripod heads available provide different control mechanisms and have distinct applications. Some can restrict movement to a single axis, while others offer robotic movement to increase the precision of the movements. The materials used to construct tripod heads and the physical designs of various heads can be drastically different, depending on their intended use. In some situations a tripod head may be used without a set of tripod legs. Heads can be attached to monopods to provide more versatility, or to a simple plate with a base mount for when the height of a full tripod is unnecessary.

Gear Heads - Ballheads - Netflix

A ballhead uses a ball and socket type joint for orientation control. The ball sits in a socket, which can be tightened to lock the ball in place. A stem extends from the ball which terminates at the head mount. They tend to have fewer parts than other types of tripod heads due to their simple mechanism, but the parts must be precisely machined to fit well together and provide smooth movement, increasing their average price. Ballheads offer the convenience of simple controls, but are lacking in terms of precise movements, making specific alignment and image positioning a challenge. The most basic ballheads offer a single control, a tension control, which is used to tighten or loosen the joint and prevent or allow movement of the attached device. Higher end heads may offer additional controls. Some have independent panning control, which allow the entire joint mechanism to be rotated horizontally 360°, while maintaining the orientation of the ball joint. Other ballheads include an additional control on the joint, called a drag control. This allows the user to set a secondary tension level on the ball, based on the current load, to hold the attached device in place when the tension control is disengaged, while still allowing explicit movements.

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