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Dick and Paula Hollister are a witty, sophisticated couple living in New York City. Dick is a comic-book artist who has become well-known for creating a superhero called Jetman, which has been turned into a TV show starring egocentric actor Oscar North.

He and She - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: None

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1967-09-06

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He is a masculine third-person, singular personal pronoun (subjective case) in Modern English.

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Speakers of Old English (OE) considered each noun to have a grammatical gender — masculine, feminine or neuter. Pronouns were generally (but not always) selected to have the same grammatical gender as the noun they referred to. For example, dæg ([dæj] 'day') was masculine, so a masculine pronoun was used when referring to a day or days. The pronoun “he” was written he, as in Present-Day English (PrDE), but pronounced hē ([heː]), rather like PrDE hay.

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