Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - Netflix

Miffy, the little rabbit and her friends Snuffy, Farmer John, Poppy Pig and many others, help children to learn about colours, numbers, different shapes and songs while having fun discovering the world around them.

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 7 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-02

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - List of programs broadcast by TVOKids - Netflix

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - Programming - Netflix

Some of the programs on TVOKids are produced in-house by TVOntario, and are based on Ontario's educational curriculum. Each program is approximately 3–4 minutes per episode. Artbot - Adult artists explain visual art concepts such as line, color, and composition. The robot Artbot is portrayed by Jackie English. The Bod Squad / BOD TV - Spoofs popular television shows and movies, and starring the TVOKids hosts, these short episodes promote healthy eating. The Bodies - A series promoting healthy eating using characters who live inside a computer program. Critter Corner - Host Jackie English explores the animal kingdom. Dino Dig - Paleontologist character Alberta Rex (Jackie English) hosts this informational show on dinosaurs. EnviroGirl - A series promoting energy conservation, starring idealistic superhero EnviroGirl (portrayed by Nicole Stamp). Mark's Moments - Host Mark Sykes interviews kids with disabilities to learn about their lives. The Reading Rangers - A Western-style series promoting literacy. The Royals - A queen of hearts and her jester explore good manners and games. Space Trek - Explore the solar system and beyond with host Captain Kent (Mark Sykes). Super Citizens - A comedic live action show about a group of superheroes that promote good citizenship. The Super Citizens are EnviroGirl (Nicole Stamp), Professor Atlas (Milton Barnes), The Atomic Guy (Mark Sykes), FlyGirl (Julie Patterson), The NiftyGirl (Jackie English), and The Blue Brain (Ryan Field). Time Trackers - A series converging the broadcast and web aspects of TVOKids to teach Canadian history in a humorous and interactive way. Transform It! - This series encourages kids to take common everyday objects and transform them into new things. Fourteen 3-minute episodes were produced. Tumbletown Reads - Tumbleweed works for a newspaper while teaching children writing skills. Tumbletown Tales - A series performed by small live rodents (using the TVOKids hosts as voice talent). The star of the series is Tumbleweed the Hamster (voiced by Phil McCordic); the learning objective is real-world application of mathematical concepts.

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