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Reunited is inspired by Pamela Slaton, the country's foremost investigative genealogist, who uses her wits, detective skills and take-no-prisoners attitude to track down long-lost loved ones and reunite broken families.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Reunited - Bands Reunited - Netflix

Bands Reunited was a television program produced by VH1 in 2004. Hosted by Aamer Haleem, the show documented an attempted reunion of a formerly popular musical ensemble for a special concert in either London or Los Angeles. A show normally consisted of the crew first hunting down the ex-members of the band (often first in disguise) one-by-one, and convincing them to agree for the one-time concert; the members were “contracted” by signing a record album by their former band. The band members were then interviewed, usually focusing on the reasons of the breakup. The final segment would consist of the formal reunion of the band in the rehearsing studio, and a joint interview about why the group parted ways. If the reunion was successful, the episode ended with the final performance. In 2005, VH1 attempted to reunite the British band The Smiths, but the show abandoned its attempt after Aamer Haleem was unsuccessful in his attempt to corner lead singer Morrissey before a show.

Reunited - Criticism of the show - Netflix

The artificial nature of parts of the show and the contractual arrangements behind it have been criticised. Kurt Harland of Information Society detailed his own negative experiences with the program, and how his experiences differed from the portrayal of events as broadcast, on his website; citing examples of poor background research by VH1 and difficult interactions with the television crew.

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