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William Shawcross, a widowed father-of-two who is searching for love. When he registers with a dating agency and meets Mary, an attractive, divorced mother of two who works as a midwife, the two soon get together, but not without a few glitches along the way.

William and Mary - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-03-23

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The College of William & Mary, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States, was founded in 1693 by a royal charter issued by King William III and Queen Mary II. It is a public research university and has more than 94,000 living alumni. Alumni of the College of William & Mary have played important roles in shaping the United States. Three of the country's first ten presidents were educated there; only Harvard University, which educated five, can claim more. The school is also the alma mater of four United States Supreme Court justices (including its longest-serving chief justice, John Marshall). Because the school was one of the few colleges existing in the Colonies, many colonial era notables enrolled including four signers of the Declaration of Independence and the first president of the Continental Congress, Peyton Randolph. This list of alumni includes those who graduated, transferred to another school, dropped out, or were fully educated at the college but never received an academic degree. This list uses the following notations: Year # – recipient of a College of William & Mary Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Business Administration degree Note: A question mark represents an unverifiable value for the digit it replaced. For instance, the “?” in “179?” means that no specific year can be found, but the general decade can be traced.

Juris Doctor (J.D.) – recipient of a William and Mary Law School degree or the historical equivalent such as Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) or Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) – recipient of a Mason School of Business degree or the historical equivalent Master of Education (M.Ed.) – recipient of a Graduate School of Education degree or the historical equivalent Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.S.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – recipient of indicated degree from an Arts and Sciences graduate program or the historical equivalent

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